Sea Changes

A little sneak peek of something I've been working on...
For quite some time now I've been creating tonnes and tonnes of paintings to prepare for patterns. (You may have noticed on my instagram, lots of random paintings of animals and plants.) I'm finally starting to put them together into some patterns. I really hope I can put these onto something I can wear or use. 


I have a lot of plans for different projects and experiments this year. I'm really focusing on playing with different mediums and ways of displaying and using my art. I'm learning lots of new skills. I'm also trying to create more meaningful work and to create work that expresses these feelings and thoughts more. It's easy to get caught up following trends. I do love to engage with social media and followers, but I want to explore new ways to find meaning in my work. 

Most excitingly... I'm now living at the beach! This has been my all time dream for years. It has been such a good change and is already influencing my art process and art making. I'm charged with so much more creative energy and I feel so much better with all of the beach walks and swims I'm doing. 

My new favourite activity is having a swim at the beach (with goggles for better fishy viewing), drying off and sitting on a towel in the shade to sketch. Here are some of my sketches from the start of this year. I'm also obsessed with my new SAI Japanese brush pens, which I've used for all of these artworks below, except the last one.